Children’s Book Illustrations

“Black Balloon Brigade” is a children’s book concept about a group of school -age creatives who have a hard time fitting in, until a journal assignment from their teacher brings them together and pushes them to challenge themselves. This is a short video showcasing development pages.

Blaise Morita - Bio

Growing up in  Southern California has afforded Blaise a wide array of creative outlets. Though creative pursuits were always a passion, it was not until his senior year when he received a scholarship to Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles did Blaise decide to pursue art as a career. After graduating with Bachelor degrees in Art Studio and English from UCDavis, Blaise further sought to refine his technical abilities by attending Art Center College of Design, specializing in Illustration. Though fully immersed in a career of design and marketing, he utilizes his colorful graphic style to render campaigns with an illustrative flair for a variety of business brands. He continues to view the world through a child’s lenses thanks to his three kids and a healthy menagerie of dogs, cats, and wildlife that roam the hills of the San Bernardino mountain range.